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Your personal comments are important to me. If you would like to submit your testimonial, please send me an e-mail with your full name and remarks to include on this page. I appreciate hearing from you.

Thank you.

Ann Bruno Edwards Finished another class with John Hollard on 1 to 4 Contracts. Good class and a great way to use my time. A perfect way for more education. 

Dena Smith Great class... even taught this old dog some new tricks!

Terice Durant Hewitt He’s the best!!

Laura Macias Hello group! I took John Holland's "1 - 4 Contract Bootcamp" course today. I have been a licensed agent for almost 15 years, and this by far was the most comprehensive and technical course on the SFR contract I've ever taken. New information was learned, as well as reinforcement of things I have learned in the past. John was engaging and kept a great pace for a 6 hour course. Every agent should take this course to increase their competence level on this topic. Thanks, John!

Holly Neal Yes. He gets to the guts of the contract. And says it as it is. Every agent needs this

Anne Edwards Johnson I agree...in the profession close to 20 years and this was the best CLASS ever. The take aways are fabulous and the techniques and and "best practices" were invaluable. Blessed to have attended.

Kim Salerno Love John’s classes

Karen Petrera Martin This is my favorite class of all I’ve taken! There’s so much pertinent info!

Rebecca Huff I just finished the 1-4 family contract boot camp class, and I have to say, I learned way more than how to microwave a burrito.